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How to choose the perfect domain name for your website?

How to choose the perfect domain name for your website?

When a user decides to set up a website, the first and most important decision is to find the perfect domain name. You have to remember that this is the place that people find your business and identifies you on the the web. This is a vital part of your brand so it is important to get this right. Let me give you some tips on picking the perfect domain name?

1. Include your brand

I often see domain names that are often bought to match an internet search such as instead of The domain name used in the former may be good for search but will a customer relate to the fact that you were based in London like many other companies are or will they remember the name of the company.

Your domain is like your brand, you should expect it to last the life of your company. There is nothing wrong with adding keywords to the domain name, but don’t overuse them.

2. Make it memorable.

I think this is one on the most important factors when choosing a domain name. You have to remember that the domain is not only going to be used on the web where it can be copied and pasted , but on advertising, posters and on vehicles just to name a few. Obviously this will depend on the type of business that you run.

I have always advised customers in the past to visualise a domain name on the back of a van, and your sitting in a car behind the van. Look at the domain for 5 seconds then close your eyes for 60 seconds, can you still remember the domain, because this may be the amount of time that a person may see the address. They may not have the time to write it down, or to type it in a computer so being able to remember the exact domain to look at later is vital.

3. Keep it as short as possible.

This point stems back from the point above about keeping the domain memorable. It can be easier to remember a single word than many words, lets face it, most people can remember the domain for google without thinking, but trying to remember a domain that has multiple words could be a challenge.

It is increasingly difficult to secure a short domain due to the number of domains that have already been registered, but there are many more domain extensions that are available than there was before, so you may be able to get a shorter domain using a lesser known domain extension, but be careful that you don’t infringe copyright when doing so.

4. Don’t wait around.

Domain names can be bought in seconds for a small amount of money, so it is important that once you have decided on the right domain name that you snap it up straight away, especially if it contains a well used keyword.

5. Add your local area to the mix.

There are probably hundreds of companies out there called Johns Building Company, so getting that perfect domain name might be difficult, so look for alternatives that include your local area, such as that might be available. Just keep in mind about any trademarks when picking the domain, but these may prove a good alternative if your desired name is unavailable.

I hope this helps make the important choice of picking the perfect domain name for your business, your next project or even your personal blog. Don’t forget that there are tools such as domain such as domainr to help find the perfect domain.

Good luck in finding the perfect domain name, and if you have suggestions or tools to help then leave them in the comments below.