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Why should I choose a iPhone over an Android Phone?

Why should I choose a iPhone over an Android Phone?


I’ll be straight with you, I am a big Apple Fan and have owned every iteration of the iPhone. Now before you browse to another site thinking that this post is just another post from an Apple fanboy let me stop you there, but don’t worry there is also a Android follow up post.

The hardware and software are designed by the same company.

One of the reasons I love the iPhone is how well the hardware and software work together not only with the iPhone but with other devices such as the iPad or the Mac. The operating system of the iPhone has been deigned to work on the iPhone/iPad so works great on these devices. The os is fast and efficient making a great experience.

Great after sales support.

One of the factors I have always found great about owning a Apple device is the great support network that the company has. I had an issue with the my iPhone 3g were it had developed dust under the screen. I booked my appointment with a genius at my local Apple Store, took the phone down, and it was replaced with the same model with little fuss.

The ecosystem.

The iPhone is renewed for having a large amount of apps available within the App Store, and there is an app for everything. The one underrated feature that I find useful is how well different Apple devices interact with each other using features such as handoff and continuity. I can start an email on my iPhone or iPad and finish it on my Mac. I can receive messages on my Mac that are sent via my iPhone. I can even unlock my Mac with my Watch, without entering a password.

The great quality.

I’ll confess I have owned some really poorly built electronics that have fallen apart after a few months (I lost more backs off my old Nokia phones than I care to remember), which is something I have never encountered using a iDevice. Some of the cheaper Android devices are built terribly but I will say that this is an area where Android device makers have caught up and there are a number of devices from other companies that are beautifully made from companies such as Samsung, LG and Google.

Familiarity of devices.

One of my bugbears about the Android ecosystem is how manufacturers are able to take the software and make it their own, by adding there own apps and skins over the software. Some manufacturers do it better than others. The one feature I find so useful about the Apple ecosystem is how different iDevices work in the same way, and I am able to delete the default apps.

So what do you think is great about your iPhone, or iPad. Do you think your Android device then let me know in the comments? Be sure to check back for my reasons to get an Android device instead of an iPhone.