My wish list for iOS 12

If you are familiar with the way that Apple releases its updates, then you should know that we tend to get a major release around June every year. Here are some of my wishes for the next version of iOS.

A dedicated workout app.

As a person who is on a crusade to get fitter and healthier, I am really focused on my workouts and the stats that they provide. In iOS 11 the workouts are tucked into the activity app which shows basic data such as heart rate etc. It would be great to have this operated from the activity app and be more focused on workouts, in a similar way that apps such as Map My Fitness and Strava do.

More settings in the camera app.

As a photographer I use a dedicated camera to take most of my photographs, but it’s great having such a capable camera in my pocket that I can take a quick snap with. One of the reasons I use a camera over my phone is that it gives me more control. I would love the ability to change the exposure or shutter speed in the camera app or preview a certain crop in preview mode, without being limited to a square or rectangular crop.

Better notification sorting.

I quite often open my phone and swap down to view the notifications and think “what a mess”. I will then flick though viewing the important notifications, and use 3D Touch to clear the rest. Yes I could turn some of the notifications off, but that might mean I could miss an important notification, which is something I do now, because of the sheer number of notifications I have.

I would love to be able to group notifications by app, by tapping on first notifications, will then show a dropdown of all notifications by app, and Can we have a better way to clear notifications by groups. Yes we have 3D Touch on the iPhone, but what about the iPad.

Allow all extensions

One of the most important app I use on my iPhone is a password manager, and I love that I can open the extension in an app, to fill a password for me. It means that I can use a different password for every site or app I use and I can easily remember them, but the extension is not always enabled on every app. I would love if apple allowed extensions to be enabled without an interaction from the app creator. Some apps I can use the extension to complete a password, others I have to copy and paste from 1Password, it’s frustrating.

Allow other apps as default.

I currently use gmail for my email needs so have no need for the default mail app as I use the Gmail app that google provides. Since iOS 11, Apple has allowed us to delete default apps. The only problem is that if I tried to send an email through an app, it tries to use the default mail app, so if this is deleted, I can’t send an e-mail. I would love to be able to set Gmail as my default e-mail app or Firefox as my default browser, and can we have a setting that allows me to open all webpages in safari or Firefox instead of in app as most developers seem you want to us to do(Yes, Instagram I mean you.)

Fix the bugs.

I would love if Apple can fix all the bugs, before adding new features. Yes I like shiny new features to look at, but I would rather have things working correctly. Just to name a few, of my gripes in iOS 11. The personal hotspot is frustrating and takes a few attempts to connect, I would love the repeat setting in Apple Music to save it’s option when changing albums and I won’t mention the length of time it can take to delete an app.

I could probably go on with some of the features that I would like to add to the next version of iOS but this would be a very long articles. Why not tell me in the comments what features or changes you would like to add.

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