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How to create a shortcode to display your posts in WordPress?

In this weeks tutorial I am going to teach you how to create a shortcode to display your posts in WordPress. This technique is useful as it allows you to display the latest posts in the content of your pages or posts, I even use this to display the posts on the homepage of this site. Lets get stuck in.

How to customize the WordPress login logo?

If you have been a avid user of WordPress then you will no doubt be familiar with the login screen in the admin area. In the majority of sites that use WordPress, you will often see the default logo when you login to edit your site. If you choose to customise your login screen with your own site logo, then this can bring a personal touch to the site, and if you open the site up to other users this can provide some familiarity to the login screen and provide a sense of security when you login. Let me show you how to customise the login logo?

How to add your Google Analytics code to WordPress?

Having the ability to track your visits is a must for every site owner. There are many systems that you can use to track visits but the most popular method is by using Google Analytics. There are many ways to enable these stats in WordPress, many of them involve the use of plugins, which makes it very easy to add the associated tracking code to your site, but this can be overkill to simply add a few lines of code. Let me show you how to add this quickly and easily to your WordPress Website?