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My wish list for iOS 12

If you are familiar with the way that Apple releases its updates, then you should know that we tend to get a major release around June every year. Here are some of my wishes for the next version of iOS.

Apple Watch

Why I still wear an Apple Watch?

Just over 2 years ago, Apple released the first Apple Watch as an accessory to the iPhone. I was immediately hooked and wanted one.

It is now 2 years later and a lot of people have stopped wearing their smartwatches, so why am I still wearing mine.


Why should I choose a iPhone over an Android Phone?

I’ll be straight with you, I am a big Apple Fan and have owned every iteration of the iPhone. Now before you browse to another site thinking that this post is just another post from an Apple fanboy let me stop you there, but don’t worry there is also a Android follow up post.

A picture of a Macbook Pro

A few reasons why I use a mac

Here are a few reasons I decided to make the switch.

Build quality.

My first mac was a 2008 White MacBook, which I have to admit was very flimsy. I managed to scratch the palm rests within a few days of use. This lowered my overall opinion of the mac and something I had suffered with some cheaper PC laptops. I still have my White MacBook, it is used every day and is still in fairly good condition. I have since upgraded to a newer Unibody MacBook which is rock solid. The one feature I have noticed about the newer generation aluminium macs is the solid build quality of the machines. They are very strong while also being very lightweight.