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A long exposure image of the ISS

How to find the International Space Station(ISS)?

I have always been fascinated by space, and the skies above me, so being able to spot a spaceship going over my head takes me back to my days of watching the space shuttle launches on the telly all those years ago.

HTML code on a computer

HTML Primer Part 2 – Tag Structure

In the next series of our html primer we are going to talk about tag structure. Once you master the basics of the way that HTML Tags are structured then writing HTML should be a simple affair. Lets get started?

HTML code on a computer

HTML Primer Part 1 – Introduction

Let me ask a question? Have you created a post in you favourite CMS, only ever used the simple editor but wanted to make your posts to look more fancy? Have you ever switched over to the advanced editor and grimaced with fear?  The following series of posts may be for you.

5 tips to secure your WordPress blog.

Over the last few months there has been a huge amount of focus on the security of the WordPress, where the platform has been specifically targeted by hackers. Having a secure website is not only important for the webmaster or the owner but for the user of the site too.

How to create a shortcode to display your posts in WordPress?

In this weeks tutorial I am going to teach you how to create a shortcode to display your posts in WordPress. This technique is useful as it allows you to display the latest posts in the content of your pages or posts, I even use this to display the posts on the homepage of this site. Lets get stuck in.