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Image of my submission

A few tips for your first exhibition

I recently entered my first image into an exhibition and I thought I would share my tips and experience that I learned from my first submission. I even won a special award. This experience only applies to open exhibitions where anybody is allowed to submit.

Weekly Photography Challenge #1

In order to up my photography skills, I have decided to set myself a weekly photo challenge. Every week I will post a new challenge on a Wednesday, using the hashtag #mcweeklychallenge. There are no prizes for winning, its just a bit of fun and maybe it will help improve your photography as well.

Do I need a SLR when taking photo’s?

We now live in a world where everybody has a camera in their pocket, so I often come across the question “why do I need a Digital SLR when I have a camera on my phone?”

Photography Camera

Bored with photography? 5 Ways to get you shooting again.

Lets be honest, we all get bored with our hobbies at some point, even the ones that we love. This is often a result of doing the same things over an over, and photography is no different.

5 tips when starting photography as a hobby.

So you have decided to start a new hobby and would like to start taking photos, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to get you started taking photographs.