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2018 in Fireworks

My goals for 2018

I have decided in my blog, to write a post at the beginning of each year to set myself some goals for 2018, and I will review these goals at the end of the year. So here goes!

iMac and iPad Blog Ideas

How to find ideas for your blog?

I have often spent time staring at a blank page when writing my next blog post, thinking about what to write. The fear of coming up with great ideas can be scary for most, but it shouldn’t discourage you from writing. Let’s discuss some of the ways to come up with great ideas for your blog?

Ask your customers?

Do you often get phone calls or emails from your customers asking the same question over and over, in which you give the same answer? Why not write a post answering that question?

Your customers can often be a great source of material for your post, but this can also generate extra sales to your business. If you are getting asked the same question, then customers may be asking that question to other companies. A quick google search by a user may bring up your post, which shows your authority in that area.

A person writing his blog

6 tips to help improve your blog.

Having a blog is an important strategy for any website owner, but they are often added to a site then neglected as the owner becomes busier. This is often compounded by the realisation by the owner that blogging often takes too much time, or isn’t working for them. Let me offer some tips to help improve your blog?

Why should I build my own website?

There are a great number of reasons why a business owner may choose to build their own website instead of paying a designer to build the site for them. Lets discuss the pros and cons in doing so?

Macbook with writing pad

4 places to find images for your blog.

Having great images on your blog are as important as good content, but finding images can be difficult and confusing. Using the wrong image on your blog posts can get you in a lot of trouble, if they don’t have the correct usage guidelines. Here are a few places to help you find great images for your blog.