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How to find ideas for your blog?

How to find ideas for your blog?

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I have often spent time staring at a blank page when writing my next blog post, thinking about what to write. The fear of coming up with great ideas can be scary for most, but it shouldn’t discourage you from writing. Let’s discuss some of the ways to come up with great ideas for your blog?

Ask your customers?

Do you often get phone calls or emails from your customers asking the same question over and over, in which you give the same answer? Why not write a post answering that question?

Your customers can often be a great source of material for your post, but this can also generate extra sales to your business. If you are getting asked the same question, then customers may be asking that question to other companies. A quick google search by a user may bring up your post, which shows your authority in that area.

Follow the latest trends?

A quick search on Google or Social Media can bring up the latest trends or the subjects that people are asking questions about. I have read more than my fair share of posts about various web design topics, but I always find interest in other people’s perspectives or ideas around a subject, and a fresh set of eyes on any subject can be a great inspiration

The next time you are flicking through your Twitter stream, or reading through your Google+ posts be sure to check hashtags and @replies which can be a good start to your next blog post.

Give your own perspective.

Have you ever read a blog post and thought I have a better way of doing this or have disagreed with the points being made? Why not write your own views on the subject, or give your own way of doing things.

Sometimes a person may struggle with one particular of completing a task only to find another person’s process simple and easy to follow.

Write about your niche?

Do you have a specialised job or position that not many people do? Do you have a particular interest that is very niche?  Why not write about what you do everyday? Yes, you may be thinking that what I do is very dull and uninteresting, but there are no doubt people out there who have the same interests as you who may find your content interesting and valuable, so get writing and see if there are people out there with the same interests as you. No topic is too dull or uninteresting.

Use a keyword tool.

Using a keyword tool such as can be useful to find topics that users are searching for. If you add a keyword to a tool, this will generate more keywords that you can write about, for example, a keyword such as Web Design, may generate topics such as HTML, CSS or Web Development to name a few. This method is also useful for targeting visits from search engines

I hope this gives you some food for thought when researching your next blog idea, and please add your comments below on how you find ideas for blog posts?