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4 places to find images for your blog.

4 places to find images for your blog.

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Having great images on your blog are as important as good content, but finding images can be difficult and confusing. Using the wrong image on your blog posts can get you in a lot of trouble, if they don’t have the correct usage guidelines. Here are a few places to help you find great images for your blog.

Welcome-to-Flickr-Photo-Sharing1. Flickr

I have been a great fan of Flickr for a number of years now as it is a great place to share your own images and offers a good amount of space for your images. A lesser known feature of Flickr is the Creative commons search, which allows you to search for images that have been licensed for commercial use by the photographer. Using the creative common licenses, the photographer sets the level of usage, which means that some of the images are allowed in commercial use.


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The-Leading-Source-Of-Free-Stock-Photos-freeimages2. FreeImages

Freeimages (formerly known as stock.xchng) is a great resource for royalty free images that is powered by some of the leading photographers. This site has over 400,000 high quality professional images from a range of photographers, and has clear license information for each photo, so you know exactly if you are allowed to use the image for commercial use.


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Unsplash3. Unsplash

Unsplash is a Tumblr blog that posts 10 new photos every 10 days, that are  as they say “free to do whatever you want”. The photos are high-resolution which allows you to use them for artwork as well as blog images.I often find that images offered for download are low resolution and then you have to pay for a higher resolution. The images are user submitted, so there is a large and varied selection to choose from.


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Pexels-a-Free-Photo-Search-with-over-800-Photos4. Pexels

This site is a new discovery to me, having found this site only this week. Pexels promotes itself as “Free high quality photos you can use everywhere” and brings together images from various sources, which makes it easy to find the right image for your post. This site has a great search functionality and 30 new photos will be published every week with over 900 on the site at present.

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Just bear in mind when you are looking for images to check the licenses for the image, and don’t think that because its available on the web that it can just be used. If in doubt then ask the photographer for permission to use the image, as some will even allow you to use them even if they don’t have a license attached to them. Let me know if you have any good places that you use to find your images, in the comments below.