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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

A few goals for the next year.

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, as a new year’s resolution type of deal. Now I have never believed in setting resolutions as I don’t think they are often followed through. So I decided to set myself a few goals for this year and I’ll look back on them come the end of the year.

A few reasons why I use a mac

A picture of a Macbook Pro

Here are a few reasons I decided to make the switch.

Build quality.

My first mac was a 2008 White MacBook, which I have to admit was very flimsy. I managed to scratch the palm rests within a few days of use. This lowered my overall opinion of the mac and something I had suffered with some cheaper PC laptops. I still have my White MacBook, it is used every day and is still in fairly good condition. I have since upgraded to a newer Unibody MacBook which is rock solid. The one feature I have noticed about the newer generation aluminium macs is the solid build quality of the machines. They are very strong while also being very lightweight.