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How to Auto Schedule a Post in WordPress?

When I sit down to write a blog post, I often do this at a time when other people are sat in front of the TV or sleeping. I choose this time as I can write without any distractions. If I was to hit publish to make the post live at this time, sending the usual notifications to social media sites to announce that a new post is available, the chances of my post being read would be very small.

WordPress has a great feature that allows you to publish your post at a time to suit you and your readers. I am based in the UK so I would publish my post in the morning around 10am. If you were in the United States, 10 am GMT would result in most people missing the notificatio as they would be sleeping. Yes, they may stumble across it later, but that would be leaving it to chance. So having the ability to schedule the post for an optimum time and help drive the greatest amount of traffic can be a great addition to your blog.

Let me show you how to schedule your post in WordPress using a very simple process.

How to customize the WordPress login logo?

If you have been a avid user of WordPress then you will no doubt be familiar with the login screen in the admin area. In the majority of sites that use WordPress, you will often see the default logo when you login to edit your site. If you choose to customise your login screen with your own site logo, then this can bring a personal touch to the site, and if you open the site up to other users this can provide some familiarity to the login screen and provide a sense of security when you login. Let me show you how to customise the login logo?

How to create a shortcode in WordPress?

Since version WordPress 2.5, developers have had the ability to create shortcodes in WordPress, which allows the user to add extra functionality to a post or page without any extensive coding knowledge.

Securing your WordPress site with Google Authenticator.

Securing your WordPress site is a hot topic at the moment, with stories of comment spam and mass attacks on sites happening every day. Now if you are keen user of Google Apps then 2 factor authentication should be familiar to you. If you’re not then you are probably wondering what it is. Let me explain?

4 places to find images for your blog.

Macbook with writing pad

Having great images on your blog are as important as good content, but finding images can be difficult and confusing. Using the wrong image on your blog posts can get you in a lot of trouble, if they don’t have the correct usage guidelines. Here are a few places to help you find great images for your blog.

How to add your Google Analytics code to WordPress?

Having the ability to track your visits is a must for every site owner. There are many systems that you can use to track visits but the most popular method is by using Google Analytics. There are many ways to enable these stats in WordPress, many of them involve the use of plugins, which makes it very easy to add the associated tracking code to your site, but this can be overkill to simply add a few lines of code. Let me show you how to add this quickly and easily to your WordPress Website?

How to Create additional sidebars in WordPress?

In a follow-up to the last tutorial on how to define extra sidebars in WordPress, I am going to show you how to add a different sidebar to each page on your site.

How to define sidebars in WordPress?

There are many themes that only come with one sidebar, which is often used on every page of a WordPress site. This can often make every page look visually the same, makes it difficult to distinguish one page from another and can also result in widgets being added to a page that are not required. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to define a second sidebar. 

How to create multiple image sizes in WordPress?

In this week’s post I am going to cover how to create a number of different sized images when uploading an image using the default image uploader within WordPress.

This will involve editing your functions.php file within a code editor. Lets get started.

Font Pair Screenshot

One of the problems I often have when chosing fonts is knowing which fonts go together. Here is a great resource to help you pair your Google Fonts.