Building My Perfect Weather Station.

In Britain we have this mad obsession with the weather, it’s normally the first topic of conversation. I am not sure why, but it’s probably due to the fact it changes so much, it’s currently cold and overcast today, this time last week it was warm and sunny.

On to my obsession with the weather. I have always been fascinated by science, I even studied it at college, and the weather is one of the most accessible sciences around. It is everywhere and it affects us all and as a photographer, it affects me most than others.

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What a wild 3 months.

Image of my submission

I thought I would write a little blog about my journey over the last three months.

I have always had a keen interest in photography, but never had the confidence that my photography was any good. I have always been quiet and suffered from confidence issues over the years, and if anything difficult came along I would run a mile. I have quit good jobs because I hated them.

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Weekly Photography Challenge #1

In order to up my photography skills, I have decided to set myself a weekly photo challenge. Every week I will post a new challenge on a Wednesday, using the hashtag #mcweeklychallenge. There are no prizes for winning, its just a bit of fun and maybe it will help improve your photography as well.

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