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5 Ways to get you shooting again.

5 Ways to get you shooting again.

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Lets be honest, we all get bored with our hobbies at some point, even the ones that we love. This is often a result of doing the same things over an over, and photography is no different. As humans we love our comfort zone and find stepping out scary. It’s time to change your photography game and get excited about taking photo’s again. Here are a few ideas to help change it up?

1. Try a different type of photography.

Do you spend most of your days in a studio taking portraits or getting up early to capture that sunrise? If you spend all your time taking the same photographs, then it might be time to try something different. Why not try a bit of street photography or macro? It might be different and scary, but it will give you a different perspective on taking those pictures, and also develop more skills

2. Strip down your kit.

As a tech lover I’ll confess that I do love a new shiny piece of kit, and often when I go out shooting I’ll take more than I need. Why not try going out with one camera and lens without those extras such as filters or tripods. I love to walk round my local town with just my camera and lens. Having this limitation will often make me think about composition and getting the shot right.

3. Go somewhere new.

Do you often find yourself on a weekend strolling down a beach or in that same piece of woodland that you was only a few weeks ago? Why not taking a stroll around your local area or town centre to find a shot, you’ll be surprised what you will find! I often go home thinking “I never knew that was there!” even after visiting that area numerous times before in my daily routine.

4. Try a different camera.

I’ll be the first to admit that cameras these days are so full of technology that can be confusing to use and take a long time to learn, so why not use something simpler. Try swapping your DSLR for your phone or use a film camera? Using a simpler device will make you try harder or make you think about that photo more.

5. Change you perspective.

Do you often set your camera on your tripod and take that photo from the same angle or stand upright, point forward to take that shot. Why not try a different angle? Try looking up or down, sit your camera on the floor when taking a photo, turn your camera 45 degrees? Try a different angle or perspective, be bold and break the rules.

I hope these tips help to improve your photography, improve your shots, one last point to make, get out there and take those photos. Don’t forgot to comment below if this helps and why not share some of your shots. Happy Shooting!

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