About this site

Hi, there. Hello and welcome to the home of Mike Chesworth based in St Helens, Merseyside. Office Worker by day, aspiring Web Designer/Photographer by night. I have a slight obsession about Apple and it’s products. I have dabbled in many technologies over the years. I started learning basic on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k  back in the early eighties, before moving onto a Commodore Amiga 12oo which I still own. I am now more of a frontend developer, dabbling in HTML, CSS, and WordPress which is used to power this site.

On this site, I hope to write about various subjects that peak my interest. I also take a lot of photographs which I will showcase on the site and create a few tutorials on how I took them. If you want to get in touch you can contact me by e-mail using the contact page or visit one of my social media pages at the top of the pages. You can also read some of my posts by visiting the archive. Thanks for visiting.