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HTML Primer Part 2 – Tag Structure

In the next series of our html primer we are going to talk about tag structure. Once you master the basics of the way that HTML Tags are structured then writing HTML should be a simple affair. Lets get started?

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What is a CMS and why do I need one?

So you might of heard the term CMS or Content Management System and thought  “What is a Content Management System”? Let me explain What a Content Management system is and Why I need one for my website?

HTML code on a computer

HTML Primer Part 1 – Introduction

Let me ask a question? Have you created a post in you favourite CMS, only ever used the simple editor but wanted to make your posts to look more fancy? Have you ever switched over to the advanced editor and grimaced with fear?  The following series of posts may be for you.

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Hosted Vs Self Hosted Websites. Which should I choose?

It is often a consideration when setting up a website, should I use a hosted solution or go down the route of hosting the website myself?

Lets discuss the pros and cons of hosting a website versus a hosted solution?